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The Different Types of Dance Classes

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Dance is a fun and unique activity for your kid to get involved in that allows them to express themselves creatively and stay active. With so many different dance classes to choose from, it is easy to help your child find one that they love. Whether your child is 2 years old or a teenager, we offer dance classes for them.

At DanceWorks by T, we offer a variety of dance classes for your kid to try. In this blog, we will go over the difference between our classes, which will hopefully make it simpler for you and your child to choose one.


Acrobatics is a unique type of performing arts that is similar to gymnastics. However, acrobatics focuses on contorting the body and doing moves and poses that defy gravity. This is an artsy and unique activity that allows your child to improve flexibility, strength, and agility. Many moves in acrobatics combine skills from jazz, ballet, lyrical, and gymnastics. If your child likes the idea of gymnastics but wants something a little more performing arts-based, this could be a perfect choice!


While many young children try a ballet class at least once, this is a fun, traditional type of dance that takes dedication and practice. This beautiful form of dance can improve your child’s focus, persistence, strength, and coordination. As your child gets older, they will be able to expand on their skills and continue to grow in their practice. If your child is looking for something graceful, beautiful, and traditional, ballet class is a great option for them.

Ballet dance classes for kids


Contemporary dance is a fun and unique form of dance that takes traditional ballet and changes it to create a flow of choreographed movement. This type of dance could be considered a new take on traditional ballet and uses abstract movements. Contemporary dance is often focused on the choreography, a theme, an idea, or a concept, and is very dancer-centric. If your child likes the idea of ballet but wants something a little different and not as traditional, this could be a great dance option for them.

Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is another popular choice that started as break dancing. Slowly it evolved into what we know now as hip hop and has continued to develop as styles and music change. Hip hop is unlike any other form of dance and can be learned independently. Hip hop can be fun for kids and become a great creative outlet for them. If your child doesn’t like the idea of traditional dance types like ballet, jazz, or tap, hip hop could be a great option for them. They will focus on flow, movement, and rhythm.

Hip Hop dance classes


If your child doesn’t want to be held back by choreographed movements, improv may be a great dance style for them to try. Improv focuses on each dancer creating individual movement. This type of dance gives full creative freedom to the dance and allows them to truly express themselves. This may be a type of dance that your older children would love and give them a unique creative outlet.


Lyrical dance is similar to contemporary dance and can also include hints of hip hop. While contemporary dance focuses on the dancer and a theme, lyrical dance puts focus on the song being danced to. It is an expressive type of dance that improves flexibility and strength and is a combination of ballet and jazz. The movements in lyrical dance have a focus on emotions. The music and lyrics help to create the emotional tone and choreographed dance. If your child wants to use dance as a way to express themselves emotionally or if they simply love the emotion in songs, this could be a great dance option for them.


Jazz is another type of dance that can be compared to ballet, but with a twist. Jazz dancers learn technique, flexibility, and strength to create movements that are dynamic and fluid. Jazz dance is very high energy and upbeat. This is a fun and exciting type of dance that will keep your child moving and continue to improve their skills.


Tap dance allows your child to make sounds and movements to create a beautiful and rhythmic performance. The special tap dance shoes accompany every movement with a sound. Shuffles, slides, taps, and other techniques are used to create sound and movements that work together. This is a fun type of dance that takes skills and rhythm. If your child wants to dance and make their own beat, this is a great dance option for them!

Whichever type of dance you and your child choose, they will experience a variety of benefits. Dance, in general, teaches flexibility, coordination, strength, rhythm, dedication, and so much more. Your child will love their dance class and will be able to watch their skills improve with every dance. At DanceWorks by T, we offer a variety of classes that your kids can try and find the one they love. Contact us today to get started!

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