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Flash Mob Ideas To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Stuck in a rut about choosing choreography, songs, or themes? Here's a couple of tried and true ideas! Take a step back, relax, and get ready to dance!

Themed flash mob dances can be funny, cute, etc. the sky is limited only by your creativity! I actually just recently went to a wedding where the wedding party had a fantastic sense of humor and possibly a Russian background:). The family did a flash mob to the song Charasho by Benny Friedman and they all wore these adorable Russian hats and belts! It was super cute! Coming up with ideas that would best suit your family/the bar/bas mitzvah girl, or the newly wed couple make the flash mob all the more personal and memorable. Think of private jokes or things the people like and how you could incorporate those ideas into a dance.

At another wedding where the chosson’s name was Simcha, the girl’s family did a flash mob to Shweky’s song that has the lyrics “it's time for joy, it's time for Simcha!” and they all yelled at the “Simcha” part which was pretty cute!

As far as songs go, try to choose something that has a nice, upbeat, lively tempo that sounds exciting! The Chosson V'kallah songs, like those by Eli Zion, Moshe Klein, Avi Ilson, etc are always a great choice. Piamenta’s Yesh Kahn is nice since it's not so fast, so it's easier to make a dance to it that everyone can follow and do comfortably. Aish by Shweky is a classic, high energy, easy-to-choreograph-to song and I highly recommend it from my own personal experience. Lo Nafsik Lirkod by Ari Goldwag is another classic since it has faster and slower parts so you can catch your breath! Ohad’s Levado and Lemelech have great tempos and are energetic while having slower parts for you to catch your breath too, which is nice since it lets you breathe while still getting the crowd into it. Moshe Tischler’s Bishvili is great since it has a nice buildup in the intro and has a cool and energetic chorus.

As far as choreography goes, try to keep it fun, energetic, and simple. Cool moves look real nice, but it's not real nice to leave some dancers miffed and in the dust! Your crew will look and feel their best when they're all coordinated together. For inspiration, you can give DanceWorks by T a call at 872-242-8434 to help you out! Or, you can look up the song you chose and see if there's any choreography already made to them. Often, there will be a music video with at least some moves you can gain inspiration from or incorporate into your dance.

I hope this article helps you in creating your own awesome flash mob! Please feel free to tag us @Danceworksbyt in or send a video of the flash mobs you made with the help of this article on Facebook and Instagram!

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