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A Beginner's Guide to The Classic Wedding Flash Mob #101 #alltherage

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

There's no better way to surprise and entertain than with a big FLASH MOB! It's also a way to get more people involved in the wedding, too, especially since not everyone can be part of the bridal party. Not sure about how to go about making/participating in a flash mob? Here’s a little beginner’s guide (although I think even professionals could learn a thing or two from this article:)) So mazal tov, and get ready for this awesome dance since it's going to be a super fun ride!

Firstly, it's super important to stop for a sec and realize, the goal of the flash mob is for everyone to have FUN! That being said, in order to ensure that everyone has the best flash mob experience possible, it's important to; involve the right people, be organized, practice, and relax:) Now getting into detail….

Involving everyone means making sure that all the friends, family, and people who would appreciate being in the know about this super cool dance are in the know about this super cool dance. Cuz if they’re not, that's not super cool, so the super cool factor of the dance automatically goes down by like 100%. You get me? Great!

Make sure to ask for other’s opinions, ideas, and thoughts about what to do. You may just be amazed at what incredible ideas a few heads put together could come up with that one would not be able to come up on it’s own. Ask around to find out who would want to be more involved in parts such as picking a theme, costume, choreography, and song too. Many hands can make the work easier at times, but remember that it’s not necessary for all 300 relatives to be involved and give their approval and two cents about every part of the dance either.

Being organized means being on top of what's going on. Are you going to have a theme, props, or costume? What song will you use? Who is choreographing the dance? Who’s videoing the dance to send out for others to learn? In my experience, it seems easier to organize this in a good old google doc. This way, you can share it with others so that everyone onboard is totally in the know about what's flying. Also, if you are really stuck on what song to use or are in need of some more up-to-date choreo, I got you. DanceWorks by T offers Flash Mob Services! We will help you pick the perfect song, and even do a customized dance for your special event. Give us a call today at 872-242-8434 so we can get you dancing tomorrow!

Practicing means giving yourself enough time to do the dance until you really know it. If you don’t practice, you won’t know the dance. If you don’t know the dance, you won’t be confident. If you're not confident, you won’t enjoy yourself. If you're not enjoying yourself, you're not having fun-and thus, you have missed the entire objective of the flash mob!!! So, dear friends, it is a dire mistake not to practise!

How to practice: Make sure that either you or someone else videos themselves doing the dance and practice along with the video. Word of caution-you may need to flip your brain around a bit since if they recorded the dance facing the camera, you should be doing the opposite side as what you're seeing in the recording, ie:don’t mirror the recording. Do the other hand, foot, side, etc. And make sure everyone practicing off the recording knows this so you're all doing the correct sides! Try to start practising at least three weeks before the wedding since you're going to be busy with other wedding-related things closer to the date and may not have time then to practise.

RELAXING means that once it's time for the actual dance, your heart is not palpitating and your hands are not shvitzing. Enjoy! You got this! Smile! Look up! Staring at the floor isn’t that interesting anyways;) And if you're nervous since you may not know the dance as well as you would like, my dear friend-fake it till you make it! It's a wedding after all, a special time, so feel it and dance like it!

If reading this made you at all nervous, it might be a good idea to consider using DanceWorks by T’s Flash Mob services. We will help you find that perfect song, create all of the choreography for you, send you a video or the choreography for you to learn, and even teach you in person in our studio, at your location, or over zoom!

Give us a call today at 872-242-8434 to get the ultimate flash mob experience at your simcha!

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