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DanceWorks by T is proud to offer it’s all-star choreography services to singers, schools, institutions, and more around the world since 2013!

If you're looking for those perfect motions for a choir, or music video, or a dance for your upcoming productions, charity event, performance, etc., we have you covered!

We will meet with you either in person, over zoom, or on the phone, to discuss exactly what your vision is and what you are looking for. Then we will be on board with you the entire time to help you pick songs, create choreography, and costumes. We can also lighten your load even more by picking a song you see fit, making all the choreography for you, and working with our costume vendors to get you amazingly great deals on gorgeous costume accessories/pieces. 

Next, we will teach you or your entire team of singers/dancers the choreography. We can do this in our studio, at your location, or even over zoom! Our goal is to make your vision come to life, and with our professional experience and choreography, it’ll surely become a reality! 

Give us a call today at 872-242-8434 for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you soon!

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