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Because Dance Works!


At DanceWorks, we strive to provide a tznius, fun, and warm environment where dancers feel free to explore their self-expression. We imbue every student not only with dancing abilities and technique, but also with skills that they carry with them throughout their lives. Team-work, discipline, respect, self-esteem, and striving to be the best person that they can be are some of the values that our dancers walk away with.

About Us


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Lifsha Weissman,

Mother of a dancer

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Malka Cravitz,

Director of Dance with Malka

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Dana Hunter, mother of two dancers


Tziporah Gelman,

Director of Frumba Chicago

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Shuli Turetsky,


"My daughter enjoys coming to Tehila's classes each week. This is her chance to use her talents and shine. The recital was the highlight of the year! All the preperation leading up to it built up such excitement, and the actual recial was fabulous! Miss Tehila gives each girl the opportunity to feel confident and proud without any pressure or stress. It's about learning to be in a group and mastering dance, all while having fun!"

Some of my best memories of seminary were dance classes with Tehila. She taught us everything from ballet to hip hop, always pushing us harder, encouraging us to go further. The best combination of sweat and laughter.

Tehila teaches dance in a most fun and creative way. Props, lights, tutus, and more unique surprises and post-class treats add so much to each class. My girls look forward each week to dancing with Tehila!

Tehila is a creative and dynamic dancer. Her passion for movement is evident in every step she takes. Wishing her tremendous success in all of her dance endeavors.

Miss Tehila's dance class is so awesome! I can hardly wait for the next class each week!




This program offers financial aid to families who would love to send their girls to dance lessons but unfortunately are too financially tight to be able to. We would love to have you onboard in this incredible opportunity to spread the love of arts through our Jewish community!

Donations can be sent by either PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle to

Please put in the memo of the donation "A Chance to Dance"

To get more information and become involved, please contact us at or call 872-242-8434


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